Facility scheduling and
sharing have never
been easier.

SchoolSpaceâ„¢ is web-based software that helps schools manage the use of their facilities for both internal functions and community activities. It's easy to use for staff and community members.

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Save Time

Chances are, facility scheduling and rentals take up more of your time than they should. Everyone has their own calendar, activities conflict, people won't pay what they owe, etc. -- you're regularly in crisis mode. SchoolSpace gets everyone on the same page and makes it all a breeze.

Increase Revenue

SchoolSpace helps promote your facilities, bring in more renters, and bring in more revenue (or at least cover your costs!). Could your schools use more money? We thought so.

Build Community

When you make your facilities easier to request and more available to the community, you enable more playgroups, soccer matches, support groups, art classes, and other activities that build community and engage your neighbors with your schools.

You're in good company

Some members of the SchoolSpace family


Long Beach Unified School District

California    longbeach.schoolspace.us


Tucson Unified School District

Arizona    tucson.schoolspace.us


Canyons School District

Utah    rentals.canyonsdistrict.org

Please help us respect their time. Your SchoolSpace representative will gladly provide you with references after you have received a proposal, once you are nearing a final decision. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to install software on our computers?

Nope! The software is entirely web-based, so you can access everything from (almost) any web browser. Also, the software is improved and upgraded regularly, and without any upgrade fees or inconvenience to you.

How long does setup take?

It can be done in as little as a day or two -- or it might take several weeks. It all depends on how much information you already have collected about your facilities and processes, and how much we still need to gather. (Don't worry, we'll help you!)

How much does it cost?

It's affordable! The pricing is primarily based on the number of schools/properties you'd like to manage, as well as your transaction volume. We generally offer multiple pricing options so that you can select the option that makes the most sense for your needs and budget.

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